Examples of conservation including structural repairs, repair of tears & splits, consolidation of flaking, and cleaning.

The Art Conservation Laboratory

Mr. Katlan, of Alexander Katlan Conservator Inc. has established a fully equipped conservation laboratory to provide in-depth museum quality work, documentation of fine paintings and research. He has done art conservation work on European and American paintings including microscopic fiber and pigment analysis including Infra Red Reflectography. His laboratory also has available vacuum lining tables, bioptical microscope and suction cold table. He provides art conservation services to clients located in New York City, Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester Counties, Greenwich Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey as well as services to clients in other parts of the country.

In 2009, Mr. Katlan’s company will celebrate its 30th Anniversary while doing fine conservation work for over 33 years. His research and conservation work of paintings over these years have emphasized preserving the historical context of the painting, preserving the labels, marks and original stretchers, as well as the original intent of the artist in creating the painting. In many cases, old restoration has altered and damaged the painting structurally and visually resulting in extensive disfigurements. Conservation treatments are concerned with stabilizing and preserving the artwork, making the paintings readable and viewable while often reflecting the age and history of the painting. Cracking is consolidated and repaired, tears are mended and aligned and if necessary the tacking edges and canvases are re-enforced or fully lined (see Laboratory Services).

Beginning a Painting Conservation Project

If you have questions about a painting, please call by phone. The initial examination of a painting is in the painting conservation laboratory offices of Mr. Katlan and takes about forty-five minutes. There is no charge for this initial examination. An Ultra-Violet examination of the painting surface is often done at that time of examination with a discussion between the client and Mr. Katlan to the extent of the painting conservation treatment that is required.

To proceed, please call or use the contact page with any questions that you may have about the painting conservation treatment and preservation of your painting.